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Artist / Myemi Intertainment

There are many ways to describe the name behind the Logo: Unique, Talented, Charismatic. Cool, Calm, and Collected.  

With over a decade of experience in the music industry, COMPOSHURE has gained quite a notable reputation for his solo career and collaborations. A strong will, and intense determination has propelled COMPOSHURE forward to this point. Not being content, COMPOSHURE is always building towards the next release, adding more classics to his repertoire.

And while much has been achieved, there’s still a great deal to be accomplish.

For COMPOSHURE there’s no standing still. You must constantly strive to evolve with the purpose of offering something unique not different to devoted fans and followers.

As an experienced and accomplished artist with a love of all things music. COMPOSHURE continues to develop, create, and share that musical intellect with the world. Be it inside or outside of the recording studio or other commercial projects. 

In a game where actions usually speak louder than words. COMPOSHURE lets his musical intellect do all the talkin. Everyone has a journey to travel, and a story to tell.  Say what u won't.  The story of Compos)(ure? 


Be ONEOF THEMusical"

 Myemi Intertainment


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